Lakshaya’s trainings are delivered by experts with thoroughly researched content and dependable data to build the required skills and attitudes to succeed in the venture. The trainings are customized to the specific sectors and delivered in manner that are easy to understand and comprehend. Specific inputs are given to help apply the learnings to carefully navigate the real world.<br>

The trainings focus on the unlearning and relearning in the required areas. Unlearning of the false foundations and relearning of the new age business operations is done to adapt and succeed in a digital world.

Business Planning

Financial planning



The Bottom Line...

You will get weekly sessions with business experts, who will help you in making you business and financial plans. Apart from this, we will also help in registering your business as well as marketing it for better customer engagement and building customer base.. In simple words, we provide can say that you will get an end to end solutions for small scale businesses specifically designed for women entrepreneurs.