In the current world where the investment of time is money and economic freedom is a premium, women entrepreneurship is the need and solution to empower our women and society at large. Lakshaya believes this can be achieved by providing a platform to build this spirit of entrepreneurship through a rigorous process of training, mentorship and support of experts from different fields who will hand-hold the budding entrepreneurs on this journey of self-discovery and growth.

Embarking on entrepreneurship is a conscious and responsible choice. It is a show of strength and resilience to overcome all the challenges that arise on the personal and financial side. For the Indian woman, this is a greater challenge as it starts at home. It is to face the economic gender imbalance. Lakshaya stands for creating new paths for the women who wish to embark on this inspiring and challenging journey.

This journey requires a calculated and planned approach. This requires the mentorship of those that have walked this path and the guidance of experts in the different fields of legal, administration, Marketing and Finance who would put their expertise to work to build and scale the business in a way to sustain the uncertainties of the operating environment.


Our mission is to build and develop 2000 entrepreneurs every year.


Our vision is to develop one woman entrepreneur in every home of India

Our Values

Simplicity, Boldness, Honesty, Integrity, Passion and Discipline